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About me I was born in Stockton on Tees to a family living in Middlesbrough. We moved to a village near Whitby in North Yorkshire where I spent many years. I graduated from the University of East Anglia, worked as a Careers Advisor ending up as head of a university careers service. I have two children, two stepchildren and a lovely grandson. The children are grown-up with their own lives.

My husband and I came to Cyprus to live in 2007 after a hectic work life ‘to live the dream’, having finally retired from the property management business.

I have, for many years, wanted to write a book but I didn’t really know how to do it. Having met a member of the Paphos Writers Group, I decided to apply to join so have had a lot of practical help as well as encouragement to write. I am now slowly writing my novel as well as short stories. I met Glynis Smy (author of ‘Ripper, My Love’) recently, whose encouragement and help have given me a new lease of life..

My book ‘Payback Time’ is set in the North of England, as well as the south west of Cyprus. It is a romance/ family drama; how they meet and endeavour to overcome adversity, experience adventures on the way. Will they all make it intact through dark days? Time will tell.

Thursday, 21 March 2013


File:Flag of Cyprus.svg

Well what can I say. How can such a lovely island have got into such a mess. Everyone will lose now. Even if the island manages to satisfy the Eurozone's demands it has been so damaged by the events of the last week that it will take for ever to recover. The island's property business alone will go down the drain, the banking sector is damaged irrevocably, businesses have not been able to trade as they've not had access to their money and the only currency is cash. No cash, no goods. Those who have already become impoverished will now have no hope. The outlook is very depressing. We are trapped. We need a miracle to survive.
Let's hope the oil and gas provide some much needed relief but that is a long way off. Watch this space and think of us.

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